UK Blog Awards 2019 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง #UKBA19

It’s that time of year again and I am beyond thrilled to announce that A Cotswold Wedding has been shortlisted in the U.K. Blog Award for the Wedding Blog category….

….. Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!

This year the finalists will be judged by a combination of public vote and a panel of judges (40% and 60% weighting accordingly!)

So I have a BIG ask…. if you love our concept and more importantly our content then please vote for us!

Here’s the link:

it’s one vote per person and we’ll keep you posted if we get through to the final stage – fingers crossed we do because I sorely missed out on attending the glittering awards ceremony when I was a finalist last year and I have THE most beautiful Gino Cerruti gown I’d like to wear ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you in advance for your vote ๐Ÿ˜˜



#UKBA18 Finalist

What a fantastic start of he year we are having over at ACW!

I found out on New Years Day that ACW was a shortlisted finalist in the UK Blog Awards Events and Wedding Category!

Just to prove it here’s our Finalist Badge!

Happy New Year (Again!) folks!

Happy Planning



Can You Have a Child Free Wedding?

So I know this is going to be a contentious subject but is it bad etiquette to request your guests leave their little darlings at home?

My personal view is ‘it’s your day have it your way’ but whichever way you swing how do you manage your decision?

A friend recently got married and herself and now hubby had decided exactly this – a child free wedding. They also felt that with two years between engagement and wedding,  family and friends had plenty of time to get to used to the idea and find arrangements for their loved ones, they had been pretty clear at the outset that it was a Child Free Wedding, no exceptions. The reason behind this…. they didn’t want children crying, making a mess or those in the bridal party feeling torn between wedding duties and their maternal instinct. Some may say that’s harsh but when you’ve saved up and are spending it on the day of a lifetime do you want the video of your wedding vows interrupted by a child shouting out?

So what happens when one of your nearest and dearest doesn’t think this applies to them? In this case it qued much stress for the Bride and an almost belligerent attitude from the bestie in question.

However if your wanting a child free wedding but feel that this isn’t going to sit well with your guests there are ways to minimize the ‘damage’.  It seems your not alone with many couples now hiring ‘Children’s Entertainment’ dedicated and qualified nannies that entertain the little darlings in a separate area away from the main wedding celebrations but close enough for parents to go and check on them. They provide a range of activities and sitting services to cater for all needs and age ranges. 

Rock Up and Play are one such company who can dive to the rescue, specializing in providing child care at events for a range of ages they offer a flexible service. ‘We will plan the crรจche to fit around your day, allowing parents to include their children at special times during the day’. 

They can take care of the children, provide fun activities for all or parts of your special day and supervise meals if required. Some of the options for supervision they offer include :

  • the getting ready period before the ceremony (nobody wants abit or sticky fingerboard on their dress!)
  • during the ceremony (for the picture and word perfect video you’ll be cherishing for ever)
  • during the photographs and drinks (ensuring children turn those frowns up side down!)
  • during the meal and speeches (no food fights or I need a toilet screams!)

This means couples are secure in the knowledge that no child related dramas will interrupt their day whilst parents have the opportunity to relax, knowing that the little darlings are in safe hands and enjoying themselves

So can you have a child free wedding and not feel guilty! Yes you can.


Happy Planning

Sophie xx



Rock Up and Play  was founded by Catherine Wasley and specialise in providing childcare and nannies for a wide range of events from small family gathering to weddings and corporate events. Catherine

Want to know more then contact them today:

Telephone: 01453 511677             07977 681192


Facebook – @rockupandplay