Timber & Canva’s Spring Showcase @ Cotswold Field of Dreams – Leading the Wedding Way

As we head into Winter, I wanted to share with you this glorious event I attended back at the end of March… a Wedding Showcase.

A Wedding Fayre of sorts this original event…. Spring Showcase was exactly that …. a Wedding Showcase. Its always difficult to find new and innovative ways to appeal to an ever busy wedding market and with a record number of fayres on offer including many venues who now stage their own wedding fayres it can be difficult to know where to go!

The Spring Showcase was a refreshing change. Imagine that you have stepped into an actual wedding, yep everything is set up as if its someones actual big day – it was a great way to showcase their handpicked suppliers, yet inspiring couples with on trend set ups and even a bride to make it all seem ‘real’

What was really great was the inclusion of  Tent Talk’s , I was thrilled to be asked along to give a talk to couples on wedding sustainability. As a hugely wasteful industry for the most part the wedding industry like all others in the UK needs to address its green credentials and how it can do its part to protect our planet. Its also something that I am incredibly passionate and is important to me as a individual.

I’ll be addressing wedding sustainability in a future post but for now take a browse through some pictures of this new way to ‘fayre’




A huge thank you to Timber and Canvas for the opportunity to attend and allowing me to take the stage to discuss wedding sustainability, also to Cotswold Field of Dreams for the stunning location and all of the suppliers who utilize local or sustainable products and services in what they can provide couples.

Wedding sustainability is a huge focus for us here at A Cotswold Wedding along with supporting couples to reduce plastic, reuse and recycle where ever possible. More on our Wedding Sustainability ethos in a future post and how we are going to support couples both pre and post marriage in ensuring that the wedding industry is as environmentally friendly and doing our bit alongside everyone else! #thereisnoplanetB

Happy planning

Sophie x

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