Our Chosen Charity… Wish for a Wedding

I have thought long and hard about wanting to be able to give something back… weddings is a costly and time consuming business but how could I give something back … now I could have chosen Cancer Research or any number of pet charities, I mean who hasn’t donated to these wonderful causes.

But I wanted to be able to make a difference to something not so well know and I came across Wish for a Wedding.

Get your tissues ready NOW….

Wish for a Wedding was set up by Racheal Kirkwood after her own wedding in 2015. And it has one simple function…. to enable those couples where one or both partners are terminally ill, the chance to get married.

Often these weddings are arranged hastily, and heavily rely on donations and the goodwill of suppliers to ensure the special day for these are couples can go ahead.

In keeping with all things wedding we are proud to support Wish for a Wedding and you can donate below by clicking on the link or alternatively by attending any of our events in the future where will be donating a % of our profits from each event to this fabulous cause.



Alternately you may wish to support Wish for a Wedding in a different way and they also except:

  • Donate your wedding dress for reuse
  • Donate your wedding service/products
  • Fundraise


I will support this charity through A Cotswold Wedding and affiliates, we hope you’ll help us to support them too





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