Wedding Series Part 4: Photography

Photography….. one of the biggest spends and decisions that you will make along with the venue and the dress. And yes just to prove we’re human and we booked stationary before the photographer!

Wedding photography can be a mindfield. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful wedding photographers in the Cotswolds and as with many wedding suppliers once they are booked they are booked – so how to find one our happy couple clicked with, shot in a style they loved AND was available?!

First a short list was made – photographers i’ve been fortunate to work with or come to know personally via my alter ego – The Cheltenham Cakery. This was a substantial list! Next we added to this list after visiting a few wedding fayres. If I’m honest I chickened out here and let the couple go through each supplier, their photography style and packages to find their perfect fit.

The groom took the lead on this one and decided that whilst having a smaller, intimate wedding they liked the option of having a second photographer to ensure their special day was captured in full – this narrowed down the list. Next came looking at the portfolios – to find a ‘style’ of photography they both liked.


There are so many styles of photography and its essential that your chosen photographer will recreate the shots and feel of photography that you are expecting.

After much ‘research’ and chatting to photographers they decided to enlist the fabulous work of Capture Every Moment. Based in Cirencester, they are a lovely father and daughter team. Having worked and shot extensively at the couples chosen Venue and with the groom declaring ‘theres only one photo that i’ve seen that I don’t like’ (this was HUGE praise indeed!) i am looking forward to meeting Paul and Carissa this time at a wedding not just a wedding fayre  (don’t worry i’ve already begged for them to capture my best side)

Here’s hoping the couples complimentary pre-wedding shoot goes well and I am very much looking forward to seeing the final pics 🙂 if these pics taken by Carissa and Paul are anything to go by.


Happy planning

Sophie & Sarah



Capture Every Moment –



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