Reflective wedding. What will your wedding say about you?

Channel flicking I came across Sex and The City reruns – and it got me thinking to Carrie’s Wedding…. you know the one where she puts a bird on her head and an oh so fabulous Vivienne Westwood bespoke bridal gown on.

If you’ve been a fellow Sex and the City fan (it was the theme for my hen do) then you’ll know the history between Carrie and Mr Big and the unglamorous way he left her almost at the alter only to reconcile and marry in the way that worked for them.


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What a waste of a beautiful bouquet

I couldn’t help but wonder are we being led into having big glossy Pinterest weddings for fear of disdain over our choices?

Whilst we’ve seen a huge revival in alternative weddings, when it comes to wedding planning are we just ‘picking a style’ that will ensure guest delight as it conforms to the expected rather than what is reflective of us as a couple?

When Carrie picked out her wedding outfit it was a beautifully cut vintage two piece suit, from a charity shop. Her delight at finding this vintage gem was clear to see, even on screen, but the disapproval of those she showed her suit to lead Carrie to wavier from her choice and chose the Vivienne Westwood dress  (not that this gown was not absolutely flipping stunning!) but it wasn’t ‘her’, it wasn’t reflective of her or her style.

Then came the type of wedding. Mr Big wanting a smaller intimate affair (probably as he had been married a few times before) but as the screen play carried on Carrie was being talked into a bigger and more bolder wedding, clearly something she wasn’t comfortable with.

So the point of this post….. whether you favour an unconventional wedding outfit, a black diamond for your engagement ring or want to hold your ceremony on  a private strip on land, stay true to yourselves, after all its YOUR wedding so it needs to be done YOUR way. And if you’ve guests that don’t approve …. its simple they don’t need to accept your invite 🙂

TOP TOP: surround yourself with those besties that you can depend on no matter what


Have you ever chosen something, or chosen something for your wedding that wasn’t you but went with it to appease others? I’d love to hear from you, why not comment below 🙂

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Happy planning


Sophie xx


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