Why the biggest trend this year is: DIY Weddings

How many times have you opened the covers of a glossy magazine or your browser and seen something so delectably fabulous you’ve just had to have? Only to be brought sharply back to earth with a thud when you’ve managed to find the price tag? (why is it cost is always so cleverly hidden when its out of budget, the search only makes you want it more, clever marketing!)

This year has seen an abundance of luxury wedding suppliers offering those who don’t have start studded wallets but do want to gain a touch of luxe for less with the rise of the creative workshops – suppliers in their niches are offering a wide range of workshops and classes where for a fraction of the cost you can go along and learn how to create one of their products, services or learn the skills to have that item or look for less. Often with some delicious nibbles and a glass of bubbly (because we know how to treat you creatives/brides to be!)

Its fast becoming thee way to Hen Party with Brides and their gals opting for some creative therapy instead of that boozy night out or sun filled weekend away – because a Spa day has become soo last year (although a day of pampering is always gratefully received) but as Brides realise that they can better spend their cash upskilling AND having fun with the girls.
However its not just a way to stretch the budget further but as more Brides are wanting to add that personal touch to their special day, its the satifsication that they have created a part of their day that is trully theirs. Their really is nothing better than watching the satisfied faces of those appreciating something beautiful that you have made. After all who doesn’t love a handmade gift?

So if you are looking to learn a new skill then some of our featured workshops may be of use, who knows you may enjoy it so much that it takes you on a different path.


Happy Planning

Sophie xx


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