She Callers Herself a Wedding Blogger

Its official……. I call myself a Wedding Blogger now.



Looking back at that sentence fills me with slight trepidation, but its true and I am thrilled to bring you the latest trends, news and of course my ramblings with regards to Weddings in the Glorious Cotswolds. So who am I?

My name is Sophie and I am addicted to Weddings. After running my own very successful award winning wedding business (and continuing to do so) I have learnt that as a sole trader it is hard to keep the numerous plates spinning with regards to running a business and that in the Wedding industry, in the long term, it is collaboration and not competition that is the key to success. Its also the way to make life long friends to share the soletrader road with! Having planned my own wedding I remember only too well the minefield of options that presented itself and looking back how the sheer vastness of the task meant I did somethings the hard way and other things with not enough thought! Don’t get me wrong i will always remember my special day as the best day of my life (along with the birth of my children) but would I do things differently? There would most certainly be some additions and a couple of tweaks of course!

My experience has shown me that being a small fish in a big pond mean couples may miss out on electric suppliers quite simply because they couldn’t find them! Looking back, and hindsights a wonderful thing, I really wished that there had been a resource that detailed suppliers in this area, I’d often find something I really wanted for our wedding (normally in the glossy mags) only to discover I couldn’t source the item locally and hence for us became unobtainable either due to distance or courier costs.

My aim….. to provide an informative, inspiring and sometimes funny, take on Weddings in the Cotswolds mixed with hidden gem venues and fantastic local suppliers ensuring that couples can connect with the resources and knowledge they need to make their very special day amazing. I hope you’ll love the content here at A Cotswold Wedding, if your getting married be inspired by our blog and find what you need in our directory.



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