Bridal Confidence – The elephant in the room

Weddings are a source of excitement and enjoy, admittedly there may be tense moments, families are a rich and diverse collection of people and on occasion may not blend together, but on the whole its against the grain to think that for some their wedding day just doesn’t conjure up quite the same thoughts of eternal elation.

The thought of posing in countless positions for photographs, to speaking in public about their undying love is enough to bring about a cold sweat and thoughts of eloping or in extreme conditions ‘calling it off’! Even the most confident bride can experience a wobble and may need alittle help to channel the beauty from within, because yes brides to be… you are all beautiful.

So whether you need a pep talk to get you going or to talk through how to stand or pose for the best pictures we have the experts on hand to help.

Two such ladies who understand the pressures of wedding planning and more importantly women are Susie Mackie and Dawn Swinley.

Susie Mackie is a wedding photographer who is passionate about photographing people. However Susie’s passionate goes deeper than just capturing your perfect day. Recognizing a need that some Brides needed a little boost she created My Sensuality  – a boudoir experience that she originally created for brides to be which revealed the beauty within, whilst giving brides an experience that they found liberating, confidence building, empowering and fun!  For some it has changed their lives forever, and for others they simply see themselves as others do – beautiful.

Susie says:

My style is timeless, emotional, and genuine; I capture your natural sensuality revealed through your eyes and body language, talking you through your poses and enabling you to feel truly liberated. To me, people are unique “living art” – the texture and tone, character and curve – and I celebrate this through my imagery.

My mission is to give you the confidence to feel good about all of you – from the inside out! If a very brief encounter with Penny and me at a My Sensuality shoot can empower you to feel good about yourself and love your images, then we have achieved what we set out to do!

Dawn Swinly is a nutrition and wellness coach , her business Mode-De-Vie provides a variety of solution’s to today’s modern women’s issues and her aim is to help you enjoy all that life can offer without you being burdened with unattractive and unnecessary body fat or health issues that drain your energy, ruin your looks and diminish your self-confidence.

Dawn says:

‘Many people don’t understand the power of nutrition and its impact on their mind, body and spirit. Or they think to be healthy, you have to live on rabbit food or starve yourself or not enjoy any treats. No Faddy Diets or Finger Pointing Here. What you will get is someone who is a qualified Nutritionist who understands what you need to feel amazing and it’s not starving yourself, being scolded or trying to sell you the next “Magic Bullet” to being slim.

So what have these two fabulous ladies who understand women been up to? and more importantly how can they help you!

They bring you – Complete Bridal Confidence


The ultimate in boosting your Bridal confidence by dedicated experts in a relaxed, warm environment with of course complementary fizz. Helping you to look and feel fabulous both inside and out and allow the best possible version of you shine.

Susie and Dawn will be introducing their amazing new concept CBC – Complete Bridal Confidence on 8th May 2017 at The Greenway Hotel and Spa, Cheltenham.

There support network includes a private Facebook group called Brides United, you can join it HERE. This is a place of sanctuary where you can ask questions, find out information and discuss your wedding with other contributors.

Be sure to join them and enjoy a glass of fizz, soak up invaluable information, ask our experts for advice, and enjoy our short but enlightening presentation when we will outline the concept of CBC – and share a super special offer for the first 5 brides to book a CBC package!

By the time you leave, we are confident that you will be happy in the knowledge that we are all there to hold your hand during your wedding planning, and will help make your dream wedding a reality, because as the L’Oreal adverts say ‘you’re worth it’.

Get your tickets for the launch event here:   Complete Bridal Confidence Tickets

It promises to be a fun, informative and enlightening experience, why not book tickets for mother of the bride and your maids too?

Happy planning

Sophie xx

She Callers Herself a Wedding Blogger

Its official……. I call myself a Wedding Blogger now.



Looking back at that sentence fills me with slight trepidation, but its true and I am thrilled to bring you the latest trends, news and of course my ramblings with regards to Weddings in the Glorious Cotswolds. So who am I?

My name is Sophie and I am addicted to Weddings. After running my own very successful award winning wedding business (and continuing to do so) I have learnt that as a sole trader it is hard to keep the numerous plates spinning with regards to running a business and that in the Wedding industry, in the long term, it is collaboration and not competition that is the key to success. Its also the way to make life long friends to share the soletrader road with! Having planned my own wedding I remember only too well the minefield of options that presented itself and looking back how the sheer vastness of the task meant I did somethings the hard way and other things with not enough thought! Don’t get me wrong i will always remember my special day as the best day of my life (along with the birth of my children) but would I do things differently? There would most certainly be some additions and a couple of tweaks of course!

My experience has shown me that being a small fish in a big pond mean couples may miss out on electric suppliers quite simply because they couldn’t find them! Looking back, and hindsights a wonderful thing, I really wished that there had been a resource that detailed suppliers in this area, I’d often find something I really wanted for our wedding (normally in the glossy mags) only to discover I couldn’t source the item locally and hence for us became unobtainable either due to distance or courier costs.

My aim….. to provide an informative, inspiring and sometimes funny, take on Weddings in the Cotswolds mixed with hidden gem venues and fantastic local suppliers ensuring that couples can connect with the resources and knowledge they need to make their very special day amazing. I hope you’ll love the content here at A Cotswold Wedding, if your getting married be inspired by our blog and find what you need in our directory.




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We’d love to focus on a topic that’s relevant to our couples? Perhaps you have a guest dress code issue? Or are you unsure whether to theme or not to theme!

We’d love to hear from you so drop us a line with what you’d like featured and we’ll do our best to cover it in the next few weeks!
Sophie xx