Wedding Hair Flair

The last couple of years the trend for wedding hair styles has been lots of side plaits, buns, chignons and soft curls. Classic up dos that will never date. What will the trend be for 2017 ?
 As weddings get a lot more casual with some choosing tipi tents, camping sites and countryside locations,  hairstyles are opting for a much softer look, vintage, waves, twisted rolls, bohemian.
So how do you go about choosing a wedding hairstylist, what makes one stylist better than another ?  It’s easy to be the cheapest but it takes skill, expertise, and experience over many years to be the best choice. With so many websites and social media to look through it can all be very helpful but also mind blowing !  
Recommendations from other suppliers and venues is a good starting point. Also go to their Facebook page to see if they are exhibiting at a local wedding fair this way you get to meet them. Presentation of website, gallery and feed back from recent brides is always a good sign.
A lot of stylists now do a complimentary consultation before making a booking so you get to know your stylist, this is also a good opportunity to discuss  hairstyles for you and the bridal party  and what can be achieved with your hair. It’s very important you are happy with their presentation and most of all want to have them around you on your special day.  If you do not have the time to meet, give them a call it’s nice to have an informal chat instead of just an email.
If your thinking about hair extensions for those brides who do not have enough hair in length or thickness to achieve your chosen hairstyle this can be discussed with your stylist at the consultation and she will give you the best advise. Some supply their own but make sure they are the best quality real hair and not synthetic ones which can badly damage your hair. 40% of brides now use them. Plus you get to keep them to use for another occasion.
It’s important to have a hair trial to see if your happy with the style, sometimes slight changes can be made on the wedding day but major changes are not possible to get you and your party finished on time. For any reason your not happy at the trial don’t be afraid to tell your stylist  it’s better for her to redo it, and get it right, rather than you having to rebook or trying to find someone else when there are all booked up. 
Make sure you take along your hair accessories so your stylist can create a style that compliments them.
Booking a wedding hair specialist will make you look and feel glamours, and compliment your whole outfit, you will have the photos to admire for the rest of your life
Todays Wedding Hair blog is courtsey of Valerie Butler from The Big Hair Day
Valerie is a fully qualified and highly experienced hair stylist. After initial training Valerie moved to London, gaining invaluable experience working in some top-class salons. An opportunity arose for her to travel the world, working on luxury cruise liners. It was during this time she developed a passion for creating elaborate hair styles
Turning her passion and creativity to the wedding market you can be confident that Valerie will create a truly reflective hairstyle for you on your special day.
Contact Valerie:
Valerie Butcher
Tel: 01684 566421
Mobile: 07812 540133

The Essential Rules of Wedding Social Media

With the rise of social media and the abundance of technology at our finger tips gone are the days of waiting patiently to receive the first glimpse of your Wedding Pictures. Those fervently spent weeks as newlyweds relieving your day through your thoughts and hoping that the memories in print match.

Enter Social Media, never before has information been so readily available in so many formats from text posts to pictures and videos we can let our loved ones or the world know exactly what we’ve been up to and when. However with this update and sharing online lifestyle that we find ourselves in there can be disadvtages of having access to pretty much the whole wide world at the touch of a button, oh and our continuing obsession with ‘selfies’! I

When To Share

Guests – wait until after the ceremony to post any pictures or status updates! Bridesmaids and groomsmen it’s a definite no no to reveal anything about the brides dress/grooms getting ready until the fiancĂ© has seen him/her on the wedding day. Plus enjoy the ceremony, your couple will have spent hours finalising the details and order of their day, it would be rude to miss it because your glued to your phone so save the tweeting til after, otherwise you might miss an important part of the ceremony with which to update your audience later on.
Everyone’s a Tog Right?

Weddings bring out the snap happy in us all, everyone suddeny becomes David Bailey and with the advancement in smart phone camera technology we all want to get that perfect shot. Performing acrobatic stunts to get it, blocking the view of others and actually being a distraction getting said shot is a huge no, you don’t want to be labelled as ‘oh that guy’ because you flung yourself in front of the mother of the bride to get a shot of the happpy couple.

And here’s the thing… your couple will have hired a professional for a reason so respect there wishes for perfect pics and remain seated during the ceremony, no acrobatic stunts to get ‘that picture’ and no waving your phone above your head to get a picture, your not at Glastonbury!

If possible do try and be mindful of where the professional photographer is – and stay behind them at all times!

Maintain The Surprise

Couples – The gift is in the giving as they say and like gifts, weddings are meant to enthral and capture – now I’m the first person that gets too overexcited and just has to tell everyone and I mean EVERYONE (think Facebook, twitter, insta and  in both business and personal accounts overload) what super cool crazy idea I’ve had but if your guests know exactly what fabulous surprise you’ve got planned for the guests/bridesmaid/parents/bride/groom then a) it’s no longer a suprise and b) where’s the magic? This goes for the wedding party or anyone helping the couple plan a wedding.

The Perfect Hashtag #

Pre-Wedding you’ll need to create a hashtag that your guests can use on all uploaded media. This ensures that when you search said hashtag all and more importantly only your media appears! However it needs to be unique, ideally so that no other couple or anyone else for that matter, have used it – unless you have a fairly unusual surname #mr&mrssmith may not be individual enough but #petrolheadsgethitched17 might! (And I’ve checked this # is available). You can search existing hashtags to check your chosen one isn’t already in use.

Unplugged Wedding

More and more couples are opting to ask for an unplugged wedding. Often in the guise of cute poem at the entrance to the ceremony, asking guests to holster their phones until afterwards. Please respect their wishes. After all you’ve been invited to share their special day, so share it with them without distraction.

Be Sensitive
Occasionally there will a photo that a guest or the couple may not feel shows them in the most flattering light. If requested to, please remove it immediately. Let’s keep the magic of the wedding rolling.
Happy posting!