Date Night during Wedding Planning (or just for super busy people) – Because staying in IS the new going out!

Its not a New Years resolution as such but for the last few months Hubby and I have been making (trying to at least) a conscious effort to date night – I mean how hard can it be to get together once a month?

Whether your a high flyer, carer, parent or currently being consumed by the ‘micro business’ that is wedding planning, I’m not going to sugar coat it, modern living is intense, crazy, busy and at times stressful.

So how can you find a way to a) spend quality time together, b) keep this time together fun without it being forced  AND c) keep it innovative and fresh?

Ladies and Gents, Brides and Grooms, I give you………..DATE NIGHT

I came across Get Date Night on Instagram (I am a bit of an instamum/weddinginspro fiend, you can find us here if your so inclined ) intrigued I wanted to know more so signed up to their launch box.

Truthfully, Date Night had been pretty much none existent for the last 12 months (ok 18) so this box was going to be a vast improvement, plus I didn’t need to think of something to do, no need to book anywhere or try and and keep it within budget.

Well, wowsers!!!

From the gorgeous box to the goodies inside I was like a kid in a sweet shop. We settled down on our agreed night and our Date began. The personalized calligraphy welcome note made me feel that this experience was personal to us and  in a way it felt like someone had personally Date Night shopped for us.

Whats not to love… a different surprise each month and with everything you need in the box there’s no prep, just open the box and enjoy!

We started through the instructions, and I don’t want to give too much away as it will spoil your own experience but the box constituted of four interactive games. The first of which is a Chocolate Face to Mouth game, navigating chocolate from forehead to mouth without the use of hands became surprisingly competitive while the modern day version of  chocolate tiddlywinks provided the most fun….. who knew chocolate could fly that far!

Our second box was based on the Senses and this caused more hilarity and laughing but also left us relaxed with a closeness that we hadn’t allowed ourselves in a while. It is so easy to slip into familiar drudgery, when life becomes busy, and its even harder to get back the spontaneity the longer you leave it.

For a few hours each month we get to leave our parent roles and busy lives at the door, enjoy reconnecting and laughing and now cannot wait for our box to be delivered each month!

Only issue  – agreeing on when to Date Night.



Its easy to sign up, there’s a quick questionnaire – a few personal questions that to determine what your likes and dislikes are, ensuring that the boxes you receive are tailored to you and you will not end up doing/eating something you dislike. So go on give it a try and sign up! For us this wasn’t just ‘Date Night’ but has been a chance to get back our carefree days, you know the ones, in the early days of your relationship when its solely about being together and having fun, no pressures or worries just togetherness.

For those of you watching the pennies the cost of a box is £39.95, this  includes delivery and for an evenings entertainment  its cheaper than most date nights such as the cinema, a meal, tickets to a gig or sporting event, that’s without adding on the extras of childcare (if it applies)

Here at A Cotswold Wedding we have an exclusive use code for you to receive 20% off your first box. Contact GET DATE NOW  using code ACWNOV16.

When you order your first box why not take a snap and be sure to tweet or pop it on instagram with the hashtag #getdatenight – we’d love to see how your getting on!


Thank You Get Date Night – you allow us to feel like we’re back in our early twenties, for one night a month at least 🙂

Get Dating!

Sophie xx


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