Why Marry In The Cotswolds?

Getting married is an intimate and personal process – from the proposal to the choice of engagement ring to the wording of the vows and everything thereafter.

Everyone is individual, everyone has their own ideals and needs that must be fulfilled in order for the perfect day to be achieved. Choosing where to marry is one of the biggest decisions that a couple must make – after all this is the starting point for the beginning of the rest of their lives together and will be the backdrop of years of memories.


Generally where to marry is governed by the usual factors, location, budget and availability….. so why is marrying in The Cotswolds more popular than ever?

The Cotswolds is the largest of 38 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales, spanning a vast area from Chipping Camden in the north to Bath in the south.

Famed for its idyllic villages, rolling fields, wild flower meadows and woodland copses, not too mention the cotswold stone walls, rustic barns and elegant houses all encapsulated under beautiful skies it is seen as the epitome of an English landscape. With this as a back drop who wouldn’t marry here. Its romantic to say the least…. oh and a photographer’s dream!



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